Monday, June 13, 2011

Lime Quarry Reservation: Chelmsford, MA

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The Bruce and Torry Gullion Lime Quarry Reservation is located on Rt. 110 in Chelmsford, MA. Cooper and I discovered it because it's right down the street from his vet. Acquired in 1967, this 64-acre parcel of land is the former location of lime quarries and kilns dating back to 1736! The quarries operated until 1830 and were a major source of lime for plaster for homes in Chelmsford and Lowell.

There are several loops of relatively short trails (about a mile or so) running through the quarry, which feature the old quarries and kilns as a central focus. The trails are all very well maintained and marked, making for an easy and fun afternoon stroll! Due to its unique geology, the wooded area supports a number of locally uncommon plants, which are only found in areas of high PH (as exist in limestone). You can find more great info and a map of the property on the Chelmsford Conservation Commission website.

Information source: Chelmsford Conservation Commission

Here are the positive features:

  • Great for a short stroll through the woods that will make your dog very happy
  • There are many brooks babbling through the property for your furry friend to splash around in
  • Abundant free parking is available at the start of the trail
  • The lime quarries and unique plant life are so interesting
  • The trails are very well marked, so even people like me (who are frighteningly adept at getting lost) will find their way easily
  • There's hardly ever anyone else there
Negative features:
  • During late spring and summer, you'll probably need bug spray for mosquitoes
  • It's close enough to I-495 that you can usually hear some traffic
  • The trails can be a bit muddy, especially in the spring

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