Friday, May 15, 2009

Gloucester & Rockport, MA

Directions to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester: Click here for Google map
Directions to Downtown Rockport: Click here for Google map

Historic Gloucester and Rockport are seacoast fishing villages on Cape Ann. Although there are lots of things to see and explore, we particularly enjoy Stage Fort Park in Gloucester and Downtown Rockport (Bearskin Neck).

Stage Fort Park is the historic site of Gloucester's first settlers in 1623. The park offers both a rocky shoreline and a sandy beach, along with many acres of fun and frolic for you and your dog. Take in the beautiful ocean views, but don't miss the huge boulders and stone steps that you can climb! There are hardly ever many people there either. After exploring the Gloucester park's adventures, I highly recommend that you go to downtown Rockport (Bearskin Neck), which is just a few minutes away. You'll love the shops, restaurants, and doggie store!

Information source: City of Gloucester Parks and Recreational Facilities

Here are the positive features:

  • It's the perfect day trip - a huge park and exciting downtown all in one place
  • The park is adventurous, with many neat things to explore
  • The park features a sand volleyball court, a new playground, a basketball court, tennis courts, and plenty of picnic tables (bring your own grill), a visitors' center, public restrooms and a restaurant
  • There are also many secluded places to sit and relax in the park
  • Bearskin Neck has a bustling downtown that is open year round
  • There is some fantastic dining in downtown Rockport (see below)
Negative features:
  • During the summer, parking costs $10 at the park
  • During the summer, dogs are not allowed on the beach (but they are still allowed in the rest of the park)
  • Bearskin Neck can get pretty crowded in the summer (for good reason)
Great Places to Eat:

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  1. Fabulous information Rebecca! Thanks for the links and pictures! Smudge wants to know if Cooper would like to go exploring with her sometime. :-)